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    Reading Level: 1
    Interest Levels: 1-4/ESL
    An Audiotape Program to Develop Early Decoding and Comprehension Skills
    • 44 story-lessons on cassettes.
    • Indicates pupil progress through continuous evaluation.
    • Develops basic reading, word-analysis, and comprehension skills.
    • Enhances and enriches any phonics, reading, and/or language arts program.
    • Provides individualized instruction.
    • Encourages pupils to develop independent study habits.

    Creature Teachers System Includes 44 tapes of Self-paced Story-Lessons, 20 Pupil Books and a Teacher's Handbook.

    Tape Set of 44 Self-paced Story-Lessons. Students learn to identify vowel sounds, consonants, blends, and digraphs. They also trace and write letters, comprehend oral stories, and interpret sentences.

    Pupil Book provides work pages and quiz sheets for all lessons.

    Teacher's Handbook provides general program objectives, performance objectives for each quiz, annotated quiz pages from the pupil book, and record sheets.