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    Lunch with the Slunches

    Hunt and Cook with Dinosaurs!

    Lunch with the Slunches is a 254-page full color chapter book, for ages 6-14.

    Hunting for food is a rousing adventure from cover to cover. From simple grazing to flying over the sea for a good catch, ingredients are gotten, prepared and shared by the ever-expanding neighborhood. And each chapter is seasoned with a variety of human experiences. Friendship. Kindness. Pride. Prejudice. Fear. Relief. Love. Hate (but only for those nasty Velociraptors). Laughs and good times.

    Each of the twenty-four chapters is followed-up with an original recipe, reflective of that story’s meal, but done with today’s food. Nothing fancy. Simple. Healthy. Tasty. Kids won’t care that they’re learning to cook; they’ll be having too much fun with these upbeat animals.

    Plus, there’s a Matter of Fact page featuring an animal from that chapter. All information obtained from several reliable sources. Written in the author’s own words, these descriptions are intended to excite the scientist in each of us and bond us to our environment.

    Speed along at your own pace, but watch out for roars and riots. This book is a roller-coaster ride, and you’re seated next to a T. rex! Buckle up.

    Written by Mary E. Hawran,
    author of children’s workbooks:
    How to be a Recycling Hero
    Dew Drop Dewey, Champion of Water

    Story illustrations by Mikey Brooks,
    award-winning author and illustrator

    A FREE Teacher Handbook is available for download. It can be found under the listing "Sample Pages". The Handbook contains questions for each chapter along with an essay suggestion.