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    Complete set of Read and Think Storybooks
    These Imaginative, Lively Phonics-Readers Reinforce Decoding Skills Learned in the Programmed Reading Series
    • Carefully follow a developmental phonics skills sequence.
    • Vocabulary development consistent with phonics skills presentation.
    • Present a wide variety of themes and subjects that motivate students to read.
    • Compatible with any reading program and correlates to Programmed Reading.

    The Read & Think Storybooks are ideal for teaching and reinforcing the emergent reader’s phonetic decoding skills. Except for seven sight words scattered across the first seven books, the vocabulary in the stories is completely decodable. The books are perfect for students using Programmed Reading since each book corresponds exactly to the book of the same number and the concepts taught in that series.

    This set includes all 30 Read & Think Storybooks.