Emergent Reading - Big Book 2 - Letter Island

Emergent Reading - Big Book 2 - Letter Island (9002)

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A Colorful, Captivating, Total Emergent Reading ProgramFascinating Storyline Holds Students’ AttentionThe Emergent Reading program consists of two kits. KIT 1 – The Letters of the Alphabet teaches the names and shapes of letters, with secondary...
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Otis Oregon


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Letter Book number one is half the size as Letter book number two. The pictures have a spiral going right though them. Also no thick cardboard backing to help keep it from flopping around. I was told to keep the book original style it would cost $160 which doesn't make sense because it's all the same except the pictures are cut in half and there's a plastic spiral instead of metal. And no cardboard backing. So basically a piece of cardboard and metal spiral in the cost of cutting pictures of a half would be $80 for them...

Reviews 1-1 of 1