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    A Colorful, Captivating, Total Emergent Reading Program

    Fascinating Storyline Holds Students’ Attention

    The Emergent Reading program consists of two kits. KIT 1 – The Letters of the Alphabet teaches the names and shapes of letters, with secondary emphasis on colors, story comprehension, and related reading concepts. KIT 2 – Sounds and Letters teaches the sounds of the letters and basic decoding skills, enabling children to read a selected vocabulary of phonetically regular words. Fantasy and fun replace memorization and drill as children become involved in the antics of the Kits’ characters.

    Easy to Use, Easy to Manage

    Everyone, from paraprofessionals to trained teachers, find the Emergent Reading Kits easy to use and simple to manage. The Teacher’s Guides provide all the information you need to present the program – concise overviews, reduced pupil pages, audio scripts, discussion guides, and activity suggestions.

    Comprehensive and Cost-Effective

    The Emergent Reading Kits are a total teaching program. Everything you need to prepare your students to read is provided in the kits. There are no consumables and no additional cost is required after the initial investment. And the kits are so durable, they should last ten years or more with ordinary care.

    • 4 full-color, 72-page Big Books (18" x 23") with continuous storylines and 4 hour-long story CD’s.
    • Highly involves children with stories as they learn the alphabet and most common letter sounds.
    • Teaches all the concepts and skills children need to learn from beginning reading programs.
    • Integrates listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

    Kit 1 Letters of the Alphabet – Through a group of animal characters, children learn the necessary skills to become successful readers.
    Major concepts include:
    Directionality and position
    Color identification
    Name and character recognition
    Pattern and shape
    Upper and lower-case letter recognition
    Letter discrimination
    Alphabetical order
    Function of letter
    Left-to-right eye movement

    Kit 1- Letters of the Alphabet includes:

    • Big Book 1, Animal Island
    • CD, Book 1
    • Teacher’s Guide to Book 1
    • Big Book 2, Letter Island
    • CD, Book 2
    • Teacher’s Guide to Book 2
    • Letters of the Alphabet Strips
    • Metal Easel

    Kit 2 Sounds and Letters teach the sounds of 12 letters and letter combinations, and how to blend them together to make words.
    Major concepts include:
    Letters have sounds
    Written words consist of meaningful arrangements of letters
    Words are read from left to right
    Spaces are left between words
    Some letters have more than one sound
    Names begin with capital letters

    Kit 2- Sounds and Letters includes:

    • Big Book 3, The Talking Letters
    • CD, Book 3
    • Teacher’s Guide to Book 3
    • Big Book 4, On to Storyland
    • CD, Book 4
    • Teacher’s Guide to Book 4
    • Metal Easel
    • Available Separately: Masters for Kit 2 (64 Masters), Sound-Symbol Cards (set of 29)

    Big Books – These four-color, 72 page books are more aptly called GIANT BOOKS, since their length and page size is bigger than the typical big books offered today. It’s easy to keep the whole class involved and interacting as charming stories, bold colors, and engaging art work captivate children. Perched on metal easels, these books are especially easy to use.

    Alphabet Strips – One magenta strip for the capital letters, and one blue strip for the lower-case letters are included with Kit 1.

    CD’s - Each CD brings the Big Book characters to life. Lively dialogues and spirited music create a fun-filled storybook atmosphere that children never tire of.

    Masters (optional) – Blackline masters provide a variety of activities to develop letter-formation skills. The instructive games and activities include coloring and completing pictures, crossword puzzles, rhyming exercises, and comprehension questions.

    Teacher’s Guides – The Teacher’s Guides are extremely helpful and easy to use. Each Guide includes the course content, a reduced picture of each Big Book page, a complete script of the CD, and suggested discussion questions and supplementary activities.

    Sound-Symbol Cards (optional) – Twenty-nine sound-symbol cards present the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, plus the digraphs th, sh, and ch. These cards are perfect for quick reviews of sound-symbol relationships.