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    Workbooks that Develop Map-Reading Skills and Basic Map Concepts
    Exploring Maps teaches the real-life understanding of different types of maps, as well as related vocabulary. This detailed book will intrigue students of all ages, preparing them to navigate the world around them.
    • Clearly presents basic concepts such as symbols, distance, direction, boundaries, scale, etc.
    • Various types of maps include political, climate, highway, and product.
    • Built-in reviews aid mastery of geographic concepts.
    • Templates to create community and state maps.
    • Systematically introduces the language of maps and places maps represent.

    Exploring Maps introduces basic concepts such as distance, direction, boundaries, scale, latitude and longitude, parallels and meridians. It also teaches the many different kinds of maps that students will need to read throughout their lives (i.e. political, climate, population, road, etc.). A built-in review of material included in each book insures students’ mastery of concepts.
    Student Texts are designed for specific grade levels. They can also be used by students in lower grades performing above grade level and by remedial students in upper grades.
    Teacher’s Editions for each book include reproduced pupil pages, answer keys, teaching notes, and suggestions.

    Volume 1 contains
    What Is a Map?
    Using Map Symbols
    Using a Map Key
    Finding Directions on a Map
    Reading a Map
    A Map of the Country
    Looking at Reston, Virginia
    Using a Map Scale
    Maps Have Boundaries
    Using a Road Map
    A Map of a State
    A Product Map
    Maps Tell About the Weather
    A Map of the United States
    West or west?
    Many Kinds of Maps
    Cardinal and Intermediate Directions
    Land and Water Forms in Alaska
    Land and Water Forms in Florida
    A Land Use Map
    A Political Map
    A Weather Map
    Regional Maps
    An Elevation Map
    A Climate Map
    A Highway Map
    Maps Use Scale
    The Continents
    A Globe
    Your Turn: A Community Map
    Your Turn: A Political State Map

    Volume 2 contains
    A Variety of Maps
    Maps Show Landforms
    Maps Can Show Natural Resources
    A Precipitation Map
    Climate Maps
    National Park Maps
    A County Map
    An Elevation Map
    A Population Map
    A Transit Map
    Using a Map Grid
    Map Scale
    Hemispheres and the Equator
    Time Zones
    Your Own Park
    Using New Map Skills
    A Map of Midtown Manhattan
    Photo Maps Show Weather
    A Relief Map of the Pacific Ocean Floor
    Maps Tell History
    A Topographical Map of the Appalachian Trail
    Driving Across the United States
    Latitude and Longitude, Parallels and
    Using a Map Grid
    Know Your Country
    World Time Zones
    The “Sailor’s Map” – Mercator Projection
    Robinson Projection
    A Polar Projection Map
    An Interrupted Projection Map