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    A Workbook Series for Entry Level and Special Needs Students

    Student Books – Each lesson contains ample, varied exercises including warm-up and extension activities. The content covers addition, subtraction, place value, money, time, introduction to fractions, measurement, multiplication, and division.

    Teacher’s Manual – presents a series overview, a scope and sequence, and detailed teaching notes. These notes include warm-up and extension activities, lesson objectives and instructions encouraging the use of easy-to-make manipulatives, multi-sensory activities, games, and/or questioning tactics that lead to generalizations.

    A list of activities, games, and manipulative suggestions are included in each book.

    Extensive evaluation guide, how to relate your evaluation to an IEP, blackline masters for classroom records, charts, and placement/evaluation tests are also provided.

    • Focuses on one concept per page.
    • Self-instructed lessons.
    • Verbiage kept to a minimum.
    • Program guide and tests prescribe students’ entry levels and short-term objectives.