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    This comprehensive program teaches students to improve their study skills and increase their success in school.
    • Comprehensive– teaches 16 key study skills and attitudes that educators consider important for success in school.
    • Practical– provides realistic activities for applying learned information and for practicing study skills.
    • Supportive– students learn more in less time, with greater ease and confidence.
    • Easy to use– as a class text or an individual program. Have students begin with Chapter 1, or use those chapters which address the specific needs of your students. Everything you need to teach the course is in the book.
    • Teacher’s Manual– provides chapter-by-chapter teaching suggestions, reproducible chapter quizzes, answer keys, and reproducible forms for checking student progress.

    This book helps students realize that study skills are essential in developing the most important skill of
    all–learning how to learn. It focuses on the challenges that students typically have with study skills and
    provides exercises for improving skills in the following 16 areas. Each skill area constitutes a complete

    • Time Management
    • Study Environment
    • Personal Aspects
    • Study-Reading
    • Listening for Note taking
    • Exam Strategies
    • Writing Nonfiction Assignments
    • Library Research
    • Learning How to Improve Your Math Skills
    • Memory for Learning
    • Efficient Reading for Speed and Comprehension
    • Vocabulary Development
    • Campus Involvement
    • Concentration While Listening
    • Health and Vision
    • Attitudes
    Each chapter has four sections. The first section of each chapter is the Scenario, a widely experienced problem or situation. The second section consists of Stimulus Questions which get students thinking about the subject matter. The third section, Learning About, provides information about the skill: What is the skill? How does one use it or improve it? The fourth section has exercises for practicing and applying the skill.