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    A Unique and Powerful Vocabulary Development Program in Sixty Story-Lessons

    • Teaches vocabulary through literature – retold literary classics.
    • Teaches the meanings (and spellings) of words that appear frequently in student reading material.
    • Dramatically improves reading comprehension, as measured by standardized tests and paper-and- pencil IQ tests.
    • Makes all textbooks more effective learning tool by enlarging student’s inventory of word
    • Sharpens a wide range of language skills – listening, reading, spelling, dictionary, etc.

    Student Book – contains 60 vocabulary lessons. Each lesson introduces ten new words. For each new word, the book gives the parts of speech, dictionary pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, homographs, other derived parts of speech, and illustrative sentences as appropriate. The student book features 60 classic stories – fables, folktales, myths, and legends – that use the new words (underlined in blue) in context. The stories continually review the vocabulary words in context (underlined in black) taught in earlier lessons.

    Homework Masters – Blackline masters of cloze exercises are provided for each of the 60 lessons. Students reread the story and fill in the blanks with the ten lesson words.

    Test Masters – for 60 Lesson Tests and the 6 Mastery Tests.

    Teacher’s Manual – contains the text for introducing and explaining the 10 words in each lesson, the 60 stories in the student book, and answer keys for the Lesson Tests, Mastery Tests, and the Homework Program.