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    An Intensive, Self-instructional Program to Help Students Add to their Active Speaking, Reading, and Writing Vocabularies

    • Expanded "Words in Context" presents more exercises and a new Word Bank.
    • Review/Self-Assessments after every 20 lessons.
    • More attention to synonyms and antonyms.
    • Test-Taking Tips in Books A-C.
    • More focus on analogies in Books D-F.
    • Presents two words in depth per lesson.
    • One-page lesson with consistent lesson plan.
    • Exercises require students to recognize, recall, and use the newly acquired words.
    • Constantly reviews previously taught words.
    • Answers are provided in the back of each book.
    • Concentrates on 1,440 (240 per book) core words, prefixes, suffixes, and roots.
    • Extends the core vocabulary to include thousands of synonyms, antonyms, and derivations.

    Student Texts – The six student texts have 120 lessons plus 6 Assessment/Reviews. Each lesson provides information to help lock in the meaning: word origin, pronunciation, part of speech, definition(s), synonyms, antonyms, and derivations. In this way, the basic 240 vocabulary words in each book unlock the meanings of thousands of related words in meaningful context. Exercises test students’ ability to recognize the meanings of words and their ability to use them in context.

    Review and Repetition – The program recycles the basic vocabulary and derivations: in the exercises, in the reviews, after each lesson on word parts, and also in the reviews that follow every 20 lessons.