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    A Comprehensive Mathematics Competency Workbook that Reviews and Practices Skills Students Need to Pass State Competency/Mastery Tests

    • One-page lessons with worked-out examples.
    • Applications throughout the text.
    • End of chapter extended problem solving have students choose strategies.
    • More geometry.
    • An entire chapter on rational numbers, equations, and applications.
    • Reviews all basic concepts and operations.
    • Exercises include realistic applications which students can apply to everyday needs.
    • A Complete Testing Program, pre- and post-tests for each chapter.
    • Cumulative tests for every 4 Units.
    • End-of-book test covering all of the chapters.

    The Student Workbook has eight chapters:
    1. Whole Numbers
    2. Decimals
    3. Fractions
    4. Percent
    5. Measurement
    6. Graphs and Formulas
    7. Geometry
    8. Rational Numbers and Equations

    Teacher’s Edition – states the objectives for each lesson and provides a complete answer key.
    Blackline Master Tests – set of 16, comprise 4 additional and alternative cumulative tests. Additional test-taking practice provided.
    One Book for ALL Skills – Essential Math Skills covers all basic skills and operations needed for
    proficiency and competency tests. One book brings students up to grade level in math and prepares them for basic skills examinations.
    One Skill Per Lesson – The text’s predictable one-lesson-per-page format is easy for students to follow.
    Carefully Sequenced Skills – Skills and operations gradually build on one another so students learn them in a context that reinforces learning.
    Explanation by Example – Explanation of skills is done entirely through examples, keeping verbal
    explanations to a maximum of one to two sentences.
    Pre-Algebra – A new chapter on integers and rational numbers provides a thorough introduction to the concepts and fundamental operations of pre-algebra. Students learn to manipulate numbers and solve linear equations.
    Help with Problem Solving – To aid in problem solving, Essential Math Skills contains some mixed review in which students select the operation or method to solve various problems.
    Word Problems – Throughout the text, word problems apply math in real-world situations so that students learn how to use the concepts and skills they have mastered.
    Test Practice – Pre-tests and post-tests for each chapter, as well as cumulative tests and an end-of-book test are provided in a standard, multiple-choice format. These tests help assess students’ needs and progress and also help them practice the test-taking they will encounter on competency and standardized basic skills tests.