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    A Differentiated Instructional Program That Uses Real-World Problems to Build Skills and Confidence in Remedial and Special Needs’ Students
    • Up to four ability levels in the same classroom.
    • Math skills applied to real-life situations.
    • Self-contained lessons.
    • Functional, age-free illustrations.
    • More consistent development of skills within each text and from text to text.
    • Clearly labeled, easy-to-follow teaching suggestions.
    • Integrated curriculum includes content from social studies, science, and language arts.
    • Rich with teaching strategies and games sections.
    • Updated and expanded Teacher’s Resource Bank and Evaluation Guidebook.
    The Teacher’s Manual includes the following:
    • An overview of the program’s skills and content.
    • An Examination Guide to the student texts.
    • Chapter overviews and page-by-page teaching notes.
    • Evaluation Guidebook for writing Individual Education Programs.
    • Cross-curricular strategies provided in lesson suggestions reinforce the math content.
    • Lesson suggestions include ways to use technology, such as computers and the Internet.
    • Teacher Resource Bank includes blackline masters for placement tests, reinforcement, enrichment, plus additional teaching strategy suggestions.
    Student Workbooks cover the same content at four different ability levels so you can teach different levels in one classroom.
    The chapter titles are:
    Chapter 1 – Review of Operations
    Chapter 2 – Practice with Operations
    Chapter 3 – Multiplication and Division
    Chapter 4 – Money
    Chapter 5 – Graphing
    Chapter 6 – Fractions
    Chapter 7 – Fractions and Money
    Chapter 8 – Geometry
    Students are motivated by relevant activities while learning and practicing addition, subtraction,
    multiplication, and division of both whole numbers and fractions.

    Placement Tests – Simple diagnostic placement tests allow teachers to assign students the proper level to keep the content challenging yet attainable. While a classroom of students are using four separate texts, the teacher is using one curriculum and addressing each one’s unique abilities.