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    Includes the following:
    1 copy of each Student Book, A-G
    1 Teacher's Manual

    America’s Favorite Reading Comprehension Program in Two-Page Lesson Formats of Cross-Curricular Nonfiction Articles
    • Carefully graded articles and books challenge students at their own individual reading levels.
    • Each lesson presents and defines new vocabulary in context.
    • Exercises after each article provide systematic growth in thinking/reading skills.
    • Students are tested immediately after reading each article on a range of comprehension skills.
    • Article topics cover social studies, natural science, physical science, mathematics, health, language, careers, and biography.
    Reading Levels
    Book A: 2.0-2.5
    Book B: 2.4-3.5
    Book C: 3.5-4.8
    Book D: 4.4-5.5
    Book E: 5.0-5.8
    Book F: 5.4-6.5
    Book G: 5.6-6.8

    Teacher’s Manual includes an informal placement inventory to determine reading levels for each student and an answer key.