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    A Unique, Individualized Reading Skills Program for Adult Students

    • Presents a systematic, linguistic progression of decoding and word-attack skills.
    • Allows students to learn at their own pace.
    • Fosters learning through constant reinforcement.
    • Testing places students at their appropriate levels of competency and tracks student progress with in-book criterion-referenced tests.

    Components – There are eight pupil books. Books 1 and 2 require the Teacher’s Edition. Books 3-8 are most effective when used with their corresponding Teacher’s Edition. Also available are Word Cards, a Sound-Symbol Book and Placement Tests.

    Students proceed at their own pace, working all right-hand pages. Answers are covered in the left column of each page with a slider. Students move the slider to reveal the correct answer for immediate feedback. Frequent repetitions and a linguistic progression of sound-symbols sets a solid foundation for reading success.