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    A Sentence-Combining Program Integrated with Practice in Basic Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics
    • Dramatically improves student’s ability to write more mature sentences and paragraphs.
    • A complete, simple, step-by-step sentence-combining program.
    • Especially effective with average and below-average students.
    • Teaches usage and mechanics skills in the context of sentence-combining exercises.
    • Clearly focused lessons with a manageable number of skills.
    • All cursive has been eliminated from the student workbooks.

    Student Workbooks – Each of the books has 14 units. After every two units, a Writing Lesson requires
    students to write brief compositions on specific topics through sentence-combining.
    Each unit has four lessons. In lessons A, B, and C, clues are given to tell students how to combine the
    sentences. In lesson D, there are usually no clues; students decide independently how to combine the sentences. There is one extra practice set of exercises per lesson.

    Teacher’s Manuals – Each manual provides charts of all the grammar, usage, and mechanics items taught in each book, plus teaching tips and answer keys.

    Sentence Mastery - Book A

    Sentence Mastery - Book B

    Sentence Mastery - Book C

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