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    A Teacher Created Program That Prepares Students to Excel on All Comprehensive Assessments of Social Studies

    • Taking the High Road to Social Studies integrates the language skills of reading and writing with
      social studies themes and concepts.
    • This series is based on the premise that reading and learning are interactive processes, which require a number of skills and strategies for the successful acquisition of knowledge.
    • You can expect the same excellent results as achieved with the highly successful series Taking
      the High Road to Reading, Writing, and Listening.
    • Teacher’s Manuals are available for each grade level in the series.


    SQ3R: A Study Skill (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review)

    • Sets a purpose for reading.
    • Reinforces motivation by providing answers on the same page.
    • Surveys the text to review prior knowledge.
    • Encourages scanning the questions at the end of the selection.


    • Develop the main historical themes and trends.
    • Gear readability to the instructional level of most students.
    • Appropriate length for in-depth coverage of themes.
    • Ample graphic materials to support comprehension.
    • Employ primary sources for authenticity.



    • A series of 15 varied tasks.
    • Presented in a multiple-choice format.
    • Emphasize critical thinking.
    • Provide additional information through primary source documents.
    • Encourage returning to the text to verify answers.
    • Use signature character, XL, to provide skills and strategies throughout the text.



    • Provides quick review of essential vocabulary.
    • Uses terms in context for clarification.
    • Provides strategy for vocabulary study.


    • Provide for evaluation of primary source documents.
    • Include a wide variety of graphic materials for learning.
    • Promote concise, clear writing.
    • Offer both factual and open-ended short answer questions.


    • Based upon two consecutive stories in the book.
    • Incorporate main ideas and themes from BOTH stories.
    • Use carefully selected original documents to instruct as well as test.
    • Employ scaffolding to build essay data.
    • Expose students to a variety of graphics.
    • Model effective note taking and structure through graphic organizers.
    • Add step-by-step coaching for successful essay construction.
    • Gradually withdraw support as students excel in skills.
    • Employ the 5-step writing process.


    • Answer keys for the objective questions, constructed-response questions, and document
      based questions.
    • Scoring rubrics for short responses and for essays.
    • Student profiles for the stories and DBQs.
    • Templates from the student edition.