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    Using the SQ3R Method (Survey – Question – Read – Recite – Review)

    Taking the High Road is...

    • A unique text-workbook program that makes the essential connection between Reading, Listening, Comprehending, and Writing.
    • A tool which explains and models new skills.
    • Open-ended responses, essays, and editing.
    • An end-of-book test with scoring instructions and scoring rubrics.
    • A supplement with curriculum-related selections.
    • A hands-on application of study skills.
    • Authentic Literature drawn from the following genres: Biography, Correspondence, Fable, Folktale, How-To, Personal Narrative, Poetry, Science, Social Studies, Study Skills
    Taking the High Road to Reading, Writing, and Listening Books 1 and 2
    All activities within the program are designed to meet the criteria of states’ English Language Arts programs.
    The student learns KWL (What I Know, What I Want to Know) to preview and provide a purpose for reading. They respond to higher level questions (What I Learned) that are passage dependent. Questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy emphasize analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

    The student learns to:

    1. Use P. O. Q. (Part of the Question) — a proven technique for answering short response questions.
    2. Use a variety of prewriting graphic organizers.
    3. Respond to factual and open-ended questions.
    Two listening selections per book offer four auditory lessons per grade level. Students listen for understanding and practice effective listening techniques.
    The student learns essential study skills at each grade level. As skills are taught and practiced, the supports are gradually withdrawn.

    Taking the High Road to Reading, Writing, and Listening Books 3 Through 8
    Each book is divided into 4 Skill Units: Reading, Listening, Writing, and Editing. This allows the teacher to use the book as a comprehensive skill program or to zero in on specific skills. Teachers have the flexibility to move up or down a grade level to meet special needs of ESL, academically challenged, or academically talented students.

    Unit 1 Reading
    Students use SQ3R for Books 4-8 (Book 3-KWL), as they respond to higher level questions, use test-taking strategies, and graphic organizers.
    Unit 2 Listening
    Students listen for understanding, take notes using graphic organizers, and use the P. O. Q. strategy in their written responses.

    Unit 3 Writing
    Students use graphic organizers, writing guides, strategies, and an Editor’s Page to write combined essays from various genres.

    Unit 4 Editing Practice
    Students practice capitalization, punctuation, and grammar skills in passages that complement selections.
    An End-of-Book Test in Books 3-8 assesses all skills taught within each grade level. See how well your students will perform on state assessments.
    • Reading – passages followed by higher level objective questions
    • Listening – oral passages followed by a series of questions
    • Writing – selections followed by short response and essay questions
    • Editing – paragraphs with grammatical errors for correction
    Test Prep Lessons Included!
    • Test Taking Skills for Multiple Choice Questions
    • How to Answer Short Response Questions
    • Tips for Answering Essay Questions