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    A Comprehensive High Interest, Low Vocabulary Comprehension Program Featuring Real Life Articles and Stories

    • Each two page lesson introduces six new words from the Harris/Jacobson list.
    • Each word is presented several times in different modalities and in different contexts.
    • Most students are able to complete the well sequenced, two-page lesson within the typical class period. Students gain a positive sense of success, progress, and closure.
    • The consistent format makes it easy for students to know what to do, which fosters independence.
    • Verbal expression, word recognition, vocabulary development, study skills, and a range of reading
      comprehension skills assist students to become well-rounded, proficient readers.
    • Most of the articles and stories come from newspaper and magazine articles. Students readily identify with the content.
    • Eight possible teaching strategies and activities for each lesson gives the teacher choices to accommodate individual or class needs.
    • A quick two minute word-recognition Placement Test provides for easy initial student placement in the program.

    Building Reading Skills is uniquely designed to appeal to even the most reluctant readers by connecting real life with reading. Students with limited reading skills will feel more mature and positive as they read and relate to the interesting real-life articles and stories.


    Teacher’s Editions – Eight teacher’s editions, one for each of the pupil texts, provide eight lightly scripted strategies, activities and answer keys for each lesson.

    Program Guide – The 32-page guide gives a comprehensive overview and introduction to the program
    including sample lessons, teaching tips, student placement on pages 11-12, a description and explanation of the strategies and activities in each lesson, and contents by book and by lesson.

    Student Response and Record Book – correlates with all of the student books and serves as the alternate record-keeping and tracking system if the student book is used as nonconsumable.

    Student Books – There are eight, 96-page student books. The vocabulary levels and readability ranges are as follows:

    Book A, Vocabulary 3.0-3.9, Readability Range 2.5-4.5
    Book B, Vocabulary 3.0-3.9, Readability Range 3.0-4.9
    Book C, Vocabulary 4.0-4.9, Readability Range 3.5-5.5
    Book D, Vocabulary 4.0-4.9, Readability Range 4.0-5.9
    Book E, Vocabulary 5.0-5.0, Readability Range 4.5-6.5
    Book F, Vocabulary 5.0-5.0, Readability Range 5.0-6.9
    Book G, Vocabulary 6.0-6.9, Readability Range 5.5-7.5
    Book H, Vocabulary 6.0-6.9, Readability Range 6.0-7.9

    Each student book contains 45 two-page lessons. Students feel comfortable with the consistent, friendly format that clearly lays out the steps in each lesson.