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    A Differentiated Instructional Program That Uses Real-World Problems to Build Skills and Confidence in Remedial and Special Needs’ Students
    • Up to four ability levels in the same classroom.
    • Skills applied to real-life situations.
    • Self-contained lessons.
    • Functional, age-free illustrations.
    • More emphasis on the writing process.
    • Consistent development of skills within each text and from text to text.
    • Easy-to-follow teaching suggestions.
    • Teaching strategies and games sections.
    • Updated/expanded Teacher’s Resource Bank.
    Student Workbooks cover the same content at four different ability levels so you can teach
    up to four ability levels in one classroom.
    Chapter Topics:
    Chapter 1: Finding Information
    Chapter 2: Following Directions
    Chapter 3: Writing Letters
    Chapter 4: Understanding Signs
    Chapter 5: Reading Labels
    Chapter 6: Filling Out Forms
    Chapter 7: Finding a Job
    Chapter 8: Travel and Recreation
    Teacher’s Manuals include:
    General Objectives
    Content Overview
    IEP Development
    The Writing Process
    Scope and Sequence
    Chapter Overviews
    Page-by-page Teaching Notes
    General Teaching Suggestions
    Placement Tests – Simple, diagnostic placement tests allow teachers to assign students the proper level to keep the content challenging yet attainable. While a classroom of students are using four separate texts, the teacher is using one curriculum and addressing each one’s unique abilities.