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    A Response to Intervention Program that Teaches Essential Word-Recognition Strategies
    • Based on the way students actually decode words, Word Building consistently presents the most
      pronounceable element being taught in the pattern and leads students to build words by adding to that core element.
    • Combines the best features of whole language with direct instruction.
    • Built-in end-of-unit and end-of-book Checkup Tests and the Placement Inventory help diagnose student needs and place students properly in the program.

    Word Building is a balanced approach to deciphering print that includes both instructional techniques for teachers and strategies that students may apply
    independently to cope with unfamiliar words in print. The series provides a whole language or
    literature-based program with the strong decoding component students need. It is also an ideal
    supplement to a basal.

    Word Building presents a carefully sequenced series of word patterns in a functional manner. After being introduced to the patterns, students immediately use them in their reading and writing. Interesting topics such as how pelicans catch fish, the biggest bug, and robots that cut lawns capture students’ interest and add to their store of information. As students develop their decoding skills, they develop comprehension skills and acquire knowledge of the world.

    Student Texts – Each text consists of two-page lessons. Stories are heavily illustrated so students
    can use picture clues along with contextual and decoding clues. For novice readers, this additional visual support fosters success.